Welcome to Department

Responsive Multipurpose Lightspeed eCom Theme

Department - Premium Responsive Lightspeed eCom Theme
Department is our new Responsive Lightspeed eCom theme dedicated to any kind of online store with the professional layouts. Go along with 04+ homepage
layouts and powerful extensions that will make your store outstanding.

Responsive Multipurpose Lightspeed eCom Theme

Department - Premium Responsive Lightspeed eCom Theme

Key Features



You are free to change the new appearance of your store with our 4+ artistic homepage layouts.


Conversion optimized

This theme is tested and modified to create the best conversion results as possible.


Fully Responsive

The theme is fully responsive. This means it looks beautifull on different devices!



A built-in mega menu is the perfect choice for large menus. You can set up columns and rows.


Google Fonts

Department is built with new web technology: Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome 4, CSS3, HTML5.


Rich Snippets

Allows you to control the appearance of your products in the organic search results of Google



There are multiple presets available for you to choose from. You can setup your store in minutes! It's also possible to create your own color scheme easily.


Quick view

Your product details will open with product information. Information like: images, price, description, reviews, attributes.


Easy Customizable

Easy change theme options such as homepage layout, color, menu styles etc in your admin panel without touching any lines of code.

Choose the demo page you like!



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View Demo


To install the theme you go to the SEOshop theme store. Select "Department" and choose install.

The theme has 3 different pre-installed color presets. You can choose either on of those presets or you can make a custom preset yourself. Some CSS and HTML knowledge is required!

							To install one of those presets go to Design -> Settings.


Next, choose your desired preset and choose install.


Now your shop should have a preset installed with the correct colors. Below are the links to the 3 presets:


With the color settings it's possible to give your shop it's own look and feel. There are 4 main color settings


  1. Theme text color / Thema tekst kleur:The color for all text. Text like category text or product information text
  2. Primary color / Primaire kleur:This is the accent color for the theme. The carousel buttons or the little line underneath the headings (eg. Popular products).
  3. Product buttons: This is the color for all buttons related to products. So the "add to cart" buttons or the "quick shop" button for example
  4. Button text color: The text color for the buttons described above. You will need this when using a very light/bright color for your buttons.


  1. Template layout:You can set your template to fluid or to boxed. Boxed means you can set a background image behind your shop. Fluid means the shop flows over your screen and uses all available space. See "preset Sports" for a boxed version and "preset default" for a fluid version
  2. Homepage style:You can set 4 different homepage layouts. Refer to the 4 demo's to see the different styles.
  3. Logo: Upload your logo here. The logo has a fixed size!! This means it will always be 210px wide and 60px heigh. When you need a custom size please contact us. We will let you know what to do.
  4. Title:Select a font-family for your headings. All fonts are Google Webfonts. For a full list with examples check this site
  5. Body: The font-family to be used for your normal text. Think of category text or product information text
  6. Body font-size: The font size for your text.
  7. Body font-weight: The weight or thickness for your body font. The default theme has "bold" as weight.

With this setting you can customize your theme even more. This setting is used to create Preset 2 and 3.

  1. Background color top header: This is the background color for the bar at the top of your screen. So the bar with your phone number and the language and currency setting.
  2. Background color header: This is the background color of the bar with your logo in it and the searchbar.
  3. Trustmark: Upload a trustmark for your shop. Usefull for conversion purposes.
  4. Trustmark link: The link to your trustmark page. This can be a link to eg Trusted shops or you can link to a page inside your shop.
  5. Fixed header style: With this setting you can define what kind of fixed header you want. Read below what a fixed header is and what the different settings means.
A fixed header is a bar that keeps visible at the top of your screen even when you scroll down

Department comes with 3 possible options:

  • None
  • Only menu
  • Menu + logo

None =No fixed nav

Only menu =Keep the navigation fixed at the top of your screen. Below an example:

Menu + logo = Keep your logo, searchbar, the cart and trustmark visible inclusive the navigation bar. Below an example:

Menu style:

Department has 3 menu styles. Below explains what the 3 styles do and how they look:

Menu style1

This is the default menu style. This menu goes 3 levels deep. Usefull when you don't have a lot of sub categories

Menu style2

Menu style2 displays your subcategories in columns. Very usefull when you have a lot of subcategories. So when you sell for example Samsung and Apple phones you'll have to deal with a lot of different types of phones.

Menu style3

Menu style3 only displays your first level of subcategories. So "Camera's -> Canon". With this menu style you can add a banner inside the menu. Further the 4 first products of that category are displayed.

FREQUENT ASKED QUESTION:We frequent get questions on how to control the 4 products which are displayed. The only way to do this is by changing the default sorting of your categories. Let's say you have your categories sorted on "popular products" first. Your category will show the four most popular products on top. Changing this to eg "newest" or "lowest price first" then that will affect the 4 produts in the menu as well.

When the menu can't find any products inside your category it will show 4 products from your total collection.

  1. Banner in dropdown menu:This is the banner which is showd in menu style3. This only works in style3
  2. Banner in dropdown menu link: The link to for the banner. Can be inside or outside your shop
  3. Menu font-family:The font-family to be used for your menu items
  4. Container background color:The background color for the container behind your navigation.
  5. Navigation text color: The text color for the navigation items
  6. Navigation text color hover:The text color when hovering over a menu item
  7. Navigation background color:The background color for the navigation bar
  8. Highlight color: This is the color for the "categories" bar on the left of the menu items and above the menu items. This is also the color for hovering over menu items in the horizontal menu bar.
  9. Hide blog:With this you can show/hide the blog function in the menu
  10. Hide brands: With this you can show/hide the brands in the menu.

With these settings you can add a customer review widget or product review widget to your shop. This is very usefull to give your potential customer a little help in the deciding process.

When signing up with one of the many review companies you'll get instructions on how to set up the widget. We have done al the work for you so you only need to provide appropiate ids or keys to make the widget to work.
  1. Kiyoh:Provide your shop id to show the widget. You'll find the id in your account. Mostly something like: 1234
  2. Webwinkelkeur widget: Provide your shop id to show the widget. You'll find the id in your account. Mostly something like: 1234
  3. Trusted shops:You can choose between 2 widgets. Refer to your Trusted shops account for further info. Your id looks something like: X17BD396442BCEE0808C79156D0E95F97
  4. Yotpo reviews: This is the pre-installed app from Yotpo. Activating this will hide the normal SEOshop reviews. Your appkey looks something like: JwKS8tePQhhupx4rs0CKcs3xut3dG6DdZpyDxQWv
  5. Trustpilot: Provide yoour Trusted Shops id. Looks something like: 496b0cf7000064000504084b
  6. Hide reviews: Completly disable the reviews in your shop.

You can use up to 4 banners on your homepage. You can set a link to a page or category.

To get the best result use an image of  410px wide and 145px heigh.


This setting hide or show your category image. If you set a category image for eg. your homepage you can hide it with this setting in your actual category page.

Set your company profile. The settings are shown in the footer. Your telephone number is also showed in the top bar.

Set your company profile. The settings are shown in the footer. Your telephone number is also showed in the top bar.

With these functions you can customize your theme anyway you want.

  1. Tags footer: This will show/hide the tags in the footer
  2. Tags productpage:This will show/hide the tags on the productpage
  3. Hide newsletter: This will show/hide the newsletter option in the footer
  4. Brands widget:This will show/hide the brands carousel above the footer
  5. Widget newest products: This will show/hide the carousel with your newest products.
  6. Widget popular products:This will show/hide the carousel with your popular products.
  7. Widget deal products:This will show/hide the carousel with your products that are on sale
  8. Hide Quick Shop function:This will show/hide the quick shop option
  9. Hide extra product buttons:This will show/hide the buttons next to the quick shop function.

  1. Slider speed: The speed between to slides.
  2. Headline 1:This is the main image for the headline.

To set an image

  • go to Files,
  • next upload an image
  • Click the pencil and copy the link you see (something like: https://static.webshopapp.com/shops/057743/files/033470116/slide-sub3.png)
  • Next go back to Design - Settings and paste the link.
  • Above steps are the same for setting a sub image.

The best size for your images is 683x388 pixels

  1. Slide 1 link: The link to where the slide should go. Can also be a link outside your shop.
  2. Slide 1 title:The title for the slide.This is the big title.
  3. Slide 1 subtitle:The subtitle for the slide. This is the smaller text below the big title.
  4. Slide 1 title color:The color for the main title
  5. Slide 1 subtitle color: The color for the subtitle
  6. Slide1 title position:The position of the title. This is very usefull when using a subimage.
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION: The headlines/slides support HTML code. This means you can set html code to your text. Let's say you want to have an "enter" between 2 lines of text you can use something like: "1St line of text <br/>2nd line of text".

With these settings you can customize the various product labels.

  1. Color custom product labels:This is the color for the custom labels. 
  2. Sale label:The color for the sale label
  3. Hide sale label:This will hide/show the sale label. These are automatically displayed when a product is on sale.
  4. Hide custom product label:This will hide/show the custom labels.
FREQUENTLYS ASKED QUESTION:To set a custom label go to Settings - Workflowband activate Extra template data . Next go to a product and set Extra template data_01 to anything you want.

With these settings you can set any social platform you want. You can also set the new Facebook widget for your shop. Just set yopur unique Fqacebook id and you're done.